Mineral Supplements
for Drinking Water

Severyanka modifications (Excerpts from Technical Regulations)

1. Range of Application.

The present Technical Regulations apply to Severyanka Mineral Supplement (hereafter referred to as “Supplement”) designed to be used in production of beverages, drinking water (including bottled drinking water), biologically active additives, specialized food products.

2.2. Organoleptic characteristics of the Supplement must comply with the requirements presented in Table 1.

Table 1

Characteristics Description
Appearance, color Transparent colorless liquid (a yellowish tint and a small residue are allowed)
Odor odorless

2.3. The chemical (cationic) composition of the Supplement must comply with the requirements presented in Table 2.

Table 2


Concentration Range

Composition No.1

Composition No.2

Composition No.3

Composition No.4

Composition No.5

Composition No.6

Concentration of Calcium Ions (Ca2+), g/dm3







Concentration of Magnesium Ions (Mg2+), g/dm3







Concentration of Potassium Ions (K+), g/dm3








7. Transportation and Storage

7.1. The Supplement is transported by any roofed transport according to the specific transport regulations.

7.2. The Supplement is transported and stored at temperatures from -30 to +30°C, without exposure to light.

7.3. The storage life of the Supplement is 18 months from the production date.

8. Recommendations for Usage

8.1. The Supplement is used in:

  • production of beverages
  • production of bottled drinking water
  • production of biologically active food additives
  • production of specialized food products
  • decentralized and centralized drinking water supply systems

8.2. Composition No.1 is diluted 500 times; Composition No.3 is diluted 1000 times; Compositions No.2 and No.4 are diluted 2000 times; Compositions No.5 and No.6 are diluted 1000-10000 times.

Note: Using dilution ratios different from those recommended in 8.2. is allowed, provided that the concentrations of the Supplement’s ingredients in the end product are within the corresponding sanitary rules.

“Severyanka” mineral supplements are produced since 1999. These supplements contain only cations and anions which are normally present in any natural water. A wide range of "Severyanka" modifications makes it possible to enhance the macro- and microelement composition of various sorts of drinking water within the hygienic regulations. In the production process, composition and sanitary norms are carefully controlled for compliance.