Mineral Supplements
for Drinking Water

Packaging & Prices

  • Severyanka® Supplements for drinking water bottling industry are packed in standard 5,0-liter bottles
  • The standard packing case is a cardboard box containing four 5,0-liter bottles
  • Prices depend on the specific modification of a supplement; they also depend significantly on the total volume of the order
  • Maximum costs related to the use of our products do not exceed 0,01 Euro per one liter of drinking water (e.g. if a complex 1:500 supplement is purchased in small amounts)
  • Minimum expenses amount to less than 0,0003 Euro per liter of water (if a supplement containing only fluorine and/or iodine is purchased in large volumes)
  • Severyanka® Supplements are shipped from our warehouse in St. Petersburg
  • Severyanka® Supplements are transported by different carriers (automotive, railway, and sometimes air transportation). We try to choose the most favorable transportation conditions for our customers.

“Severyanka” mineral supplements are produced since 1999. These supplements contain only cations and anions which are normally present in any natural water. A wide range of "Severyanka" modifications makes it possible to enhance the macro- and microelement composition of various sorts of drinking water within the hygienic regulations. In the production process, composition and sanitary norms are carefully controlled for compliance.