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A brief description of Severyanka® mineral supplements used in production of bottled water and beverages.

The Severyanka® supplements are produced as concentrated (from 1:500 to 1:10000) sterilized solutions of high quality inorganic salts in thoroughly purified water. Each of the supplements can be produced in a number of modifications, varying in the amount and/or ratio of ingredients.

Types and modifications of Severyanka® mineral supplements

  • "Severyanka" mineral supplement (compositions 1 - 6)

    Compositions 1-4 of the "Severyanka" supplement are designed for enrichment of water with calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+). In particular, composition No. 4 contains 75-85 g/l of calcium ions and 17-22 g/l of magnesium ions and is usually dosed in a 1:2000 - 1:4000 ratio, i.e. one liter of the supplement per 2-4 tons of water.

    Composition 5 of this supplement contains 95-105 g/l of Ca2+, and no magnesium.

    Composition 6 of this supplement contains 45-55 g/l of Mg2+, and no calcium.

    All six modifications can additionally contain potassium ions in a concentration range approved by the customer.

  • "Severyanka Plus" mineral supplement (compositions 1 - 6)

    Compositions 1-4 of the "Severyanka Plus" supplement contain iodine in combination with salts of calcium and magnesium. In particular, composition No. 4 contains 75-85 g/l of Ca2+, 17-22 g/l of Mg2+, and 80-120 mg/l of iodine (in the form of either iodide (I-) or iodate (IO3-) ions, at customer's choice.) When diluted 2000 times, this product gives 40-60 micrograms of iodine per liter of water.

    Compositions 5 and 6 of this supplement contain only iodine (to be dosed 1:2000 and 1:5000, respectively.)

  • "Severyanka Complex" mineral supplement (compositions 1-40)

    The wide range of modifications of this supplement allows it to be used for industrial conditioning of drinking water of various original composition - from water purified by reverse osmosis to adequately mineralized natural water, which only needs to be iodinated and/or fluoridated.

    Some modifications of this supplement contain iodine and fluorine as part of one composition, for simultaneous iodination and fluoridation. Some other compositions contain only one of these microelements, which makes it possible to dose them separately.

    A number of compositions of the "Severyanka Complex" supplement are multicomponent solutions containing, in addition to iodine and/or fluorine, macroelements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, as well as bicarbonate ions.

    Composition examples:

    • Composition No. 4: Ca2+ (25-30 g/l), Mg2+ (8-12 g/l), K+ (3-5 g/l), I- (40-60 mg/l), F- (0,56-0,72 g/l). The recommended dosage ratio is 1:1000.
    • Composition No. 26: iodine (in the form of I-, I2 + I- or IO3-): 200-300 mg/l, fluorine (F-): 2,8-3,6 g/l. To be diluted 1:5000 in water production.
    • Composition No. 21: (in basic modification): fluorine (F-):5,6-7,2 g/l, dosed in the ratio 1:10000.
    • Composition No. 17: (modification with bicarbonates): F- (1,12-1,44 g/l), HCO3- (80-100 g/l), K+ (25-35 g/l), Na+ (10-13 g/l). It is dosed in the 1:2000 ratio.
    • Compositions (modifications) of “Severyanka Complex” Mineral Supplement
  • "Severyanka Bicarbonate" mineral supplement (compositions 1 - 4)

    Compositions 1-4 of the "Severyanka Bicarbonate" supplement contain potassium and/or sodium bicarbonate in various ratios. In particular, composition No. 4 contains 90-110 g/l of HCO3-, 35-40 g/l of K+ and 12-15 g/l of Na+ and is usually dosed in a ratio of 1:2000-1:3000. The supplement is used to increase the alkalinity and hydrogen index (pH), as well as to improve the taste of water.

  • Compositions (modifications) of “Severyanka Bicarbonate” Mineral Supplement

Mineral supplements Severyanka® Selenium (compositions 1-6) and Severyanka® Iodine plus Selenium (compositions 1-5) contain, along with other ingredients (Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, I-), a most important antioxidant – selenium (in the form of either selenite or selenate ion) to enrich drinking water with Se at the preventive yet safe level of 5-7 mcg/l.

Mineral supplement Severyanka® Zinc (compositions 1-5) contain zinc ions (Zn2+), along with other ingredients (Ca2+, Mg2+, K+), to enrich drinking water with Zn in concentrations below 5 mg/l.

Severyanka supplements are used by dozens of enterprises producing drinking water of high quality, including water used for baby food preparation.

“Severyanka” mineral supplements are produced since 1999. These supplements contain only cations and anions which are normally present in any natural water. A wide range of "Severyanka" modifications makes it possible to enhance the macro- and microelement composition of various sorts of drinking water within the hygienic regulations. In the production process, composition and sanitary norms are carefully controlled for compliance.