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Fluoridation of Drinking Water


Fluoridation of Drinking Water
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Fluoridation of Drinking Water

Enrichment with fluorine-containing substances is extensively used for enhancing the preventive importance of drinking water. Fluoridation at the level of 0,6-1,2 mg/l is an indispensable, commonly available, and controllable method of dental caries prevention. As in the case of iodination, the recommended and safe interval of fluorine content in drinking water is rather narrow. Therefore, reliable dosing equipment and high-quality fluorine-containing supplements are necessary for successful drinking water fluoridation.

In some countries, including the USA, tap water is fluoridated on a daily basis. The reason for such water treatment is the insufficient content of fluorine correlating with the prevalence of caries. Addition of fluorine to tap water supplied to wide groups of population resulted in a substantial reduction in the occurrence of dental pathology.

As with any legislative regulation, there are opponents of mandatory fluoridation of drinking water. Nevertheless, no negative effect of fluoridation at adequate levels has been documented so far. The most important advantage of this method is that it is readily controlled as regards fluorine concentration and its intake. The importance of such control is related to potential health damage caused by excessive fluorine intake (such as fluorosis).

Process of Drinking Water Fluoridation

фторирование питьевой водыAt the municipal level water is fluoridated at water-treatment facilities. Centralized municipal fluoridation nowadays concerns over 400 million people worldwide. Fluorine-treated water contains optimal concentrations of this microelement, thus helping to prevent dental caries. Expenses related to this procedure have been shown to be a lot less than benefits from caries prevention. Of course, centralized fluoridation must be strictly regulated and thoroughly controlled by health and sanitary authorities.

Fluoridation is also used in bottled water production. Fluorine-containing supplements are either dosed in required ratios in holding tanks or are automatically injected into the water flow on the bottling line.

We produce a number of fluorine-containing Severyanka® supplements – both for fluoridation only and in combination with other ingredients such as iodine and/or bicarbonates.

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“Severyanka” mineral supplements are produced since 1999. These supplements contain only cations and anions which are normally present in any natural water. A wide range of "Severyanka" modifications makes it possible to enhance the macro- and microelement composition of various sorts of drinking water within the hygienic regulations. In the production process, composition and sanitary norms are carefully controlled for compliance.